1976 - Fondazione Internazionale Menarini

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Archived News 1976

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    International conference

    The responsibility of science in modern society   

    Florence (Italy), 3rd-6th October,1976
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    Second Course

    Biological research in dermatology today

    (Prof. F. Serri, Pavia e W. Montagna, Beaverton, USA)

    Pavia (Italy), 14th-18th September, 1976
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    International symposium

    The major histocompatibility complex of man: HLA its relevance in biology, medicine, surgery   

    Florence (Italy), 23rd-25th October, 1976
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    IV course

    Congenital and acquired alterations of coagulation  

    Florence (Italy), 10th-11th November, 1976
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    International congress

    Cardiac lung

    Florence (Italy), 8th-10th December, 1976



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