1979 - Fondazione Internazionale Menarini

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Archived News 1979

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    International symposium

    Renal physiopathology - recent advances  

    Florence (Italy), 26th-28th January, 1979
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    International symposium

    Long-term effects of neuroleptics pharmacological basis and clinical implications   

    Montecarlo (Principality of Monaco), 19th-22nd March, 1979
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    I european symposium   


    Venezia Lido (Italy), 11th-13th May, 1979
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    International symposium   

    Crucial points in psychiatric research   

    Moscow (Russia), 23rd-25th May, 1979
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    Satellite symposium of the VI scientific meeting of the International Society of Hypertension

    Juvenile hypertension  

    Parma (Italy), 4th-6th June, 1979
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    III European neuroscience meeting  

    Rome (Italy), 11th-14th September, 1979
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    IV Meeting on hemophilia

    Clinical and social problems of hemophilia

    Milan (Italy), 28th-29th September, 1979
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    27° National meeting of hematology

    Florence (Italy), 17th-20th October, 1979
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    VII Course

    Congenital and acquired alterations of coagulation

    Bologna (Italy), 14th-15th November, 1979
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    I National congress

    Department of pharmaceutical chemistry of società chimica italiana

    Pisa (Italy), 13th-15th December, 1979



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