1982 - Fondazione Internazionale Menarini

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Archived News 1982

  • Meetings in gastroenterology

    Publishing activity of Fondazione Internazionale Menarini

    Milan (Italy), 29th January, 1982
  • Open/close

    International conference

    Enzymatic and immunological markers in leukemia

    Parma (Italy), 11th June, 1982
  • Open/close

    International symposium

    Cancer of the exocrine pancreas, liver and extrahepatic biliary tracts: medical and surgical problems

    Rome (Italy), 18th-19th June, 1982
  • Open/close

    First international course

    Nutrition in the practice of medicine

    Florence (Italy), 29th June - 2nd July, 1982
  • Open/close

    Fourth meeting of the european society for neurochemistry   

    Catania (Italy), 12th-18th September, 1982
  • Open/close

    Special joint meeting of European Society for Neurochemistry and World Federation of Neurology   

    Energy transduction and neurotransmission   

    Rome (Italy), 20th-21st September, 1982
  • Open/close

    1st International conference

    Biology of relaxin and its role in the human   

    Florence (Italy), 30th September - 2nd October, 1982



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