2008 - Fondazione Internazionale Menarini

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Archived News 2008

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    European School of Genetic MedicineSafe Practical Workshop on “Non invasive prenatal Diagnosis”
    Ronzano, Bologna (Italy), 24th-25th February2008
    Meeting Venue:

    Centro Universitario EuroMediterraneo

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    The role of drugs in the disease management of chronic pathologies

    Florence (Italy), 13th-15th March, 2008
    Meeting Venue:

    Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Cinquecento e Auditorium al Duomo

  • Open/close

    8th Course on:

    Bioinformatics for molecular biologists

    Bertinoro (Forlì - Italy), 16th-20th March, 2008
  • Open/close

    Respiratory allergy & COPD: from innate immunity to treatment

    Genova (Italy), 11th-12th April, 2008
    Meeting Venue:

    Vila Spinola

  • Open/close

    21st Course on:

    Medical genetics

    Bertinoro (Forlì - Italy)), 4th-10th May, 2008
  • Open/close

    2nd Course on:

    Developmental biology and clinical dysmorphology

    Bertinoro (Forlì - Italy), 12th-15th May, 2008
  • Open/close

    1st Course on:

    Cardiogenesis and congenital cardiopathies: from developmental models to clinical applications

    Bologna (Italy), 7th-10th June, 2008
    Meeting Venue:

    Centro Universitario EuroMediterraneo

  • Open/close

    4th Course on:

    Statistical genetic analysis of complex phenotypes

    Bertinoro (Forlì - Italy), 21st-24th June, 2008
  • Open/close

    3rd Course on:

    Clinical cytogenetics

    Goldrain (Bolzano - Italy), 30th August, 2008
  • Open/close

    Focus on rare diseases:

    The genetics and molecular basis of rare kidney disorders

    Bergamo (Italy), 9th-11th October, 2008



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