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Details of the event:

Translational Non-invasive Cardiovascular Imaging

1/25/2018 - 1/27/2018
Pisa (Italy)
Congress venue:
Polo Didattico Fibonacci University of Pisa - Aula Magna Fratelli Pontecorvo

Translational Non-invasive Cardiovascular Imaging 

A research continuum from biomedical science to clinical practice and a new patient-centered paradigm

Translational Non-invasive Cardiovascular Imaging Despite the numerous therapeutical improvements and technological advancements, cardiac pathologies still represent major determinants of global patients’ morbidity and mortality and of overall sanitary expenditures. 

In this respect, in the last decades, non-invasive cardiac imaging has reached a major role in the characterization of Cardio-Vascular Disease, aiding clinical decision-making and guiding clinicians’ diagnostic, pharmacologic and invasive therapeutic strategies. 

Accordingly, the relevant advances in this field, prompted by constant technical developments, claim for attention and continuous updating. In particular, recent evidences have underscored the relevance of a multimodality imaging approach for a better characterization of cardiac mechanics, offering the unique opportunity to evaluate cardiac dynamics in a completely non-invasive manner. 

In the present Symposium will be presented a new global approach to cardiovascular imaging: from biological to clinical practice. In particular it will be the occasion to discuss about the translational cardiology, that represents the future development of non invasive cardiovascular imaging. 

The present Symposium is intended for Imaging Specialists but also clinicians, dealing, in their daily routine, with questions arising from instrumental and biomarkers findings. In particular, the Symposium aims at providing a clinical update to the most relevant advancement in the different noninvasive cardiac imaging modalities with a special interest to the additive role of Translational Noninvasive Cardiovascular Imaging (comprehensive of biomedical and instrumental approaches ) in the evaluation of the distinct cardiac disease phenotypes. 

Each “Hot” Topic of the Symposium, including Cardiomyopathies, Ischemic Heart Disease, Valvular and Vascular Disease, Devices and Masses, includes sessions dedicated to each Imaging modality (Echocardiogra-phy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, CT, Nuclear and Hybrid Imaging and biomarkers) with extended and comprehensive lectures held by the major experts in that field. 

Discussions, with a clear integrated approach, will summarize and focus the attention on the key points for clinical practice and major improvements in cardio-vascular patients’s management.

Co-Presidents of congress:
Prof. Vitantonio Di Bello
Prof. Davide Caramella
Prof. Michele Edmin

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