The Fondazione Internazionale Menarini continues to pursue its artistic vocation and mission to disseminate scientific information.
 The “Minuti” magazine, currently read by over 100,000 subscribers, is receiving a graphic restyling and will soon be available in a digital version as well as in English and Spanish.

The Scientific and Artistic issues of the “Minuti” magazine, received by 100,000 subscribing doctors, are being restyled for the first time, both in graphics and in layout. This brings the Foundation another step closer to achieving one of its guiding principles: using its own informative publication to spread awareness of the overlap between art and science.

The blend of science and art that defines the Fondazione Internazionale Menarini grows from strength to strength. The Foundation, established in the spring of 1976, promotes and spreads research and knowledge in the fields of medicine and the social sciences throughout the world. For over forty years it has fulfilled its mission, paying tribute to the long-standing marriage of medicine and humanism, through the organisation of international medical congresses and the publication of Scientific and Artistic issues of the “Minuti” magazine.

It is this very publication — brought out for the first time in December 1956, before being structured as the Foundation’s outlet for information with two different editions: the Scientific one in 1977, the Artistic one in 1988 — which is to be enhanced and modernised thanks to a new graphic design. “Minuti”, which is delivered free of charge to 100,000 subscribing Italian doctors, will make its first appearance after its restyling in mid-October 2020, with issue number 397. Its new look will be characterised by colours, drawings and writings of a more contemporary nature. A fresh way to appreciate the scientific and artistic themes of the two editions which, as of 2021, will also appear in a new digital version, and in both English and Spanish

This transformation is a manifestation of the Foundation’s strongly-held desire for modernisation. “From its first issue, and throughout the course of its publication over the following years, “Minuti” has reached hundreds of thousands of readers”, declared the President and Scientific Director of the Fondazione Internazionale Menarini, Lorenzo Melani. “We intend to value this tradition accordingly, including through this new graphic design”.

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Beside the Scientific Edition, Fondazione Menarini edits the publication of the Artistic Edition of "Minuti Menarini" addressed to all Italian doctors who love art

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