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International Symposium on:Plasma Lipids, Lipoproteins and Cardiovascular Diseases: from genes to clinical intervention

In recent years, we have witnessed an explosion of the information derived from genetics and biology that has paved the way for better understanding of physiology and pathology for a number of diseases. The area of dyslipidemias is not an exception: with the advent of new technologies for studies of the genetic code, the knowledge of human genetics of lipoproteins has improved tremendously. Translational medicine and understanding of the genetic cause of a condition is crucial for an adequate care. Furthermore, the study of human DNA and disease causing mutation has led to new drug discovery to treat dyslipidemia. This meeting will address these new frontiers as well as how this new knowledge affects our clinical approach to the control of dyslipidemias and ultimately of cardiovascular disease. Top scientists from the field will address these issues with a series of lectures that will benefit not only physicians, but also professionals in pharmacology, genetics or biology with an interest in this area.

Prof. Alberico L. Catapano President of the Meeting

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