Flanking the Foundation as an instrument of vast cultural information, is the scientific journal "Minuti Menarini" (Menarini Minutes) published in collaboration with the American scientific journal "American Family Physician". It is forwarded free of charge to the 100 thousand Italian physicians who are subscribers and contains updated articles and discussions on entire chapters of pathology that have brought about important evolutions. The issues dealing with immunology, oncology, nephrology, lung and metabolic diseases, cardiology and other topics of medical interest are the subject of particular discussion. One feature of the journal is that of coupling the literary-scientific section with a wide range of iconographic documentation integrated with diagrams allowing easy access to topics that are at times extremely complex.

The first issue of the scientific edition "Minuti Menarini" is dated September 1977. It is well-known that the Italian university and hospital world greatly appreciates these publications with their wide-ranging scientific content and at the same time, a concrete and realistic approach. All this in the aim of always giving an important contribution to Italian health professionals.

In addition to the scientific edition, the Foundation also publishes an artistic edition of "Minuti Menarini" for all Italian physicians who are also art enthusiasts. The Fondazione Menarini has always kept the antique and glorious tradition of the humanist-physician alive, devoting attention and passion to art and its highest forms as an expression of man.

The “Minuti” magazine, currently read by over 100,000 subscribers, is receiving a graphic restyling and will soon be available in a digital version as well as in English and Spanish.


“Pills of Art”, a new multimedia project dedicated to the art world.

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Pills of Art Menarini

“Pills of Art”
A new multimedia project dedicated to the art world.

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Beside the Scientific Edition, Fondazione Menarini edits the publication of the Artistic Edition of "Minuti Menarini" addressed to all Italian doctors who love art

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