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The “Fondazione Internazionale Menarini” was founded in the spring of 1976 to promote research and knowledge in the field of biology, pharmacology and medicine, but also in the fields of economy and human sciences. All within a broad perspective that focuses on the problems and puts them in order in a professional and practical sense.

The logo of the Fondazione Internazionale Menarini adopted at the time of the incorporation of the Foundation, derives from a famous treatise of the seventeenth century, theNovissima Iconologia del Ripa(Ripas’ New Iconology), filled with significant meanings from Parmenides to Plato’s Myth of the Soul. The image, which depicts a man leading a horse and firmly gripping the bridle, was chosen as it effectively represents the goals and arguments that the Foundation upholds due to its balanced interests in human and biological sciences. This logo can also be interpreted as the evidence of reason (Mercury) that controls emotions and emotionality and keeps them subdued (Pegasus, the winged horse that would tend to fly away).

In line with this concept that was to later guide the activities of this Institution in its development, in October 1976, a few months after its constitution, the International Conference on “The responsibility of science in modern society” was held in the "Salone de’ Dugento", Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence.

This International Conference held in collaboration with the World Health Organisation of Geneva and attended by leading international scientists including Nobel Prize winners, F. Lynen, U.S. Von Euler and C.F. Cori, entailed a series of symposiums addressing scientific topics with strong human and social implications, such as the problems of genetic engineering, contamination of the earth, air and water, food, the problems of overpopulation, the responsibility of science in developing countries, and the world’s socio-economic problems. All issues that have become pulsating realities over the following years, and especially today.

Two points of inspiration extracted from the speeches of Prof. T.A. Lambo (Director General of the WHO): "Scientific progress is a necessity and a challenge for human development. Human society has to utilise its achievements at its best to generate better living standards and higher social values", and the Foundation’s first President, Sergio Gorini: "We hope to see the Foundation as a meeting point for all friends with common ideals towards the progress of sciences for the benefit of mankind", definitely represent the best motivation and the most effective good omen for the Foundation which at that time and during those four days of discussion was starting up its activities.

One of the main instruments the Foundation uses to achieve its goals is the organisation of international congresses with specific focus in medical disciplines.

During the course of its activities, the Foundation has organised over 450 international conferences addressing particularly innovative medical and biological issues and topics of specific interest for the medical world in terms of widespread scientific implications and repercussions of a practical nature.

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Beside the Scientific Edition, Fondazione Menarini edits the publication of the Artistic Edition of "Minuti Menarini" addressed to all Italian doctors who love art

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