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Vivitur Ingenio. A tribute to Andreas Vesalius

12/3/2015 - 12/3/2015
Padua (Italy)
The year 2014 recorded a series of commemorations within the international scienti c community to remember the birth (Bruxelles, 1514) and the death (Zante, 1564) of Andreas Vesalius, who at our university wrote De humani corporis fabrica, setting a milestone in modern medicine. We owe also to the Vesalian research and methodology that Padua is internationally recognized as “the cradle of modern medicine”. The Executive Committee of the International Society for the History of Medicine, whose of cial journal bears the evocative headline Vesalius, wishes to promote this tribute, wich involves important international scholars, to celebrate, with other locations such as Bruxelles and Zante, this key  gure in the History of Medicine and Science in the very same university that witnessed the “reform” of human anatomy thanks to the genius of Vesalius. A Brabanter, he graduated under the wings of S. Marco’s Lion in Padua, the State University of the Serenissima and as professor of the same institution he established the fundaments of modern anatomy, paving a new way to all of the medical knowledge with his Fabrica, illustrated by the School of Titian. Therefore, I am particularly delighted organizing in Padua this Tribute to Andreas Vesalius as a capstone to the commemorations, in honor of the character who renovated the study of anatomy, opening the modern approach to medical investigation. This event aims to highlight the international dimension of his life and research, emphasizing how his work in uenced the future of medicine. Giorgio Zanchin President International Society for the History of Medicine

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