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3rd International Summit on Ischemic Heart Disease - The Copernican Revolution in Ischemic Heart Diseases: the day after

Background The 2nd International Summit on Ischemic Heart Disease, held in Pisa on June 17-19, 2011, reviewed a large body of evidence challenging the popular assumption that myocardial ischemia is consistently associated with coronary atherosclerotic obstructions and concluded that the link between Coronary Artery Disease and Ischemic Heart Disease is much more elusive than previously thought. From that meeting a proposal emerged to shift the focus of diagnostic algorithms and therapeutic strategies from coronary artery disease to myocardial ischemia, calling for a “Copernican Revolution” in Ischemic Heart Disease. The 3rd Summit willreview additional evidence supporting the elusive link between Coronary Artery Disease and Ischemic Heart Disease and will explore new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, more consistent with the multifactorial nature of this condition. Objectives of the 3rd Summit This Summit will summarize additional evidence accumulated since 2011, further supporting the Copernican Revolution and will explore the impact of this new perspective on the diagnosis and treatment of Ischemic Heart Disease. A more comprehensive approach, reflecting the complexity of the mechanisms contributing to myocardial ischemia will be proposed and its practical impli- cations will be discussed. As the Participants to the 2nd edition will remember, the SUMMIT on Ische- mic Heart Disease is offered as an unique opportunity for Cardiologist to openly discuss current understanding of Ischemic Heart Disease. Speakers will be asked to critically review diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. Dis- cussants are expected to challenge common believes and to propose alternati- ve approaches, consistent with recent evidence supporting a complex patho- genesis of this condition. That's why the format of the meeting will focus on informal exchanges of ideas and opinions and why Speakers and Discussants are expected to contribute in a similar fashion to the success of the event. Main topics: The Copernican Revolution: confirming the message Additional Evidence The complex pathogenesis of myocardial ischemia The Copernican Revolution: from theory to clinical practice Diagnosing Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease Treating Ischemic Heart Disease 

Mario Marzilli President of the Meeting

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