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4th International Summit on Ischemic Heart Disease - Reconciling Guidelines with scientific evidence



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Atherosclerosis is no longer thought of as the only determinant of ischemic heart disease (IHD). Other mechanisms that cause imbalances between energy supply and demand are now accepted contributors to IHD. European guidelines, however, still recommend that alternative mechanisms only be evaluated when obstructive coronary artery disease is excluded. Thus, from a clinical practice perspective, little progress has been made as atherosclerosis is still described as the primary mechanism. The purpose of the 4th International Summit on Ischemic Heart Disease is to explore the implications of considering multiple mechanisms when diagnosing and treating IHD. We will start from reviewing the data that confirm the elusive link between atherosclerotic obstructions of the coronary arteries and Ischemic Heart Disease, than we will discuss the evidence supporting the concept that atherosclerosis can coexist with other mechanisms and the prognostic implications of these associations of precipitating mechanisms. Then, we will describe the diagnostic and therapeutic implications of the new model, the validity of noninvasive diagnostic procedures, and the new therapeutic endpoints and targets.

Mario Marzilli
President of the Meeting

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