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In the past, the diagnosis of cancer during pregnancy was one of the greatest tragedies in a woman‘s life. In many instances, the choice was either to sacrifice the fetus or to jeopardize the chances of administering an effective treatment to the mother. Many advances have been made in the last 15 years and this situation, albeit still difficult to manage, has now completely changed: in most instances the mother’s cancer can be treated during the pregnancy without harming the fetus. The most common cancers in pregnancy are those with a peak incidence during the woman‘s reproductive period and include cancer of the breast and cervix, melanomas, lymphomas, and leukemias. As the trend for delaying pregnancy into the later reproductive years continues, this rare association is likely to become more common. Several medical, psychological, social, and ethical issues should be considered when treating a pregnant patient with cancer and a multidisciplinary team of trained professionals should be available within a hub and spoke model, to offer each pregnant mother with cancer, to her physician and all members of the oncology team, adequate care and support. In this 2-days congress, all the different aspects of cancer and pregnancy will be discussed by a panel of international experts that have significantly contributed to elucidating epidemiology, biology and best treatment for each oncological disease diagnosed during pregnancy. Enough time will be reserved for case discussion, exchanging opinions and thoughts in addition to the presentation of new data in the poster discussion session. Thanks to Milan University and to Fondazione Menarini, we will be hosted in one of the most beautiful venues in town: the fifteenth century Ospedale Maggiore Ca’ Granda with its cloisters and Aula Magna. 


We hope you will enjoy the Course. 

Fedro A. Peccatori and Giovanna Scarfone Course Directors


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