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I would like to extend my warm welcome to all faculty and participants to the  “International Symposium on Cardiometabolic risk and cardiomyopathies”. The fil rouge of the Symposium is the “holistic approach” to the patient at risk or with incident cardiomyopathies. Over the last decades we’ve witnessed an exponential growth of what was initially not more than a sub-discipline of General Internal Medicine. Today, Cardiology stands alone encompassing multiple sub-disciplines that have referred the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cardiomyopathies to super-specialized professionals. Without dismissing the paramount achievements in Cardiology, I believe there comes a moment when we need to zoom out and gather a global appraisal of the wealth of information to ultimately treat the patient as a whole. This Symposium provides the unique opportunity to overview the latest clinical evidence, novel diagnostic strategies and cutting-edge therapies without loosing focus on patient’s expectations in quality and quantity of life. In other words, “by dwelling in the past, we might better enter the doors of the future”.

Prof. Bruno Trimarco

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