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Metabolic syndrome, inflammation, diabetes and obesity are among the main enemies of a healthy heart  

A waist circumference above average, cholesterol, glycemia and blood pressure higher than the recommended limits: these are the metabolic risk factors and the main causes of cardiac and vascular disease. A condition that affects around 25% of men and as many as 27% of women. We are therefore talking of very high numbers, equivalent to around 14 million people in Italy, but which are even more impressive if one considers Europe, the United States - where one person in three is either obese or overweight - and the rest of the world. And since the study of the metabolic syndrome is one of the main keys for improving, at no cost, cardiovascular prevention, European experts will meet in Stockholm (Sweden) from 1 – 3 December 2017 for the Symposium “Cardiometabolic Risk and Vascular Disease: from Mechanisms to Treatment” organized by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm with the support of the Fondazione Internazionale Menarini. «The objectives of the symposium are to share the latest knowledge about advances made in physiology, in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiometabolic risk and its impact on clinical practice» explains Francesco Cosentino, Director of the Cardiology Unit of Karolinska Institute & Karolinska University Hospital of Stockholm. «The scientific programme covers a broad spectrum of topics among which the relationship between the immune system and metabolism, between inflammation and atherosclerosis, preventive strategies in cardiovascular pathologies, management of obesity and insulin resistance, the control of atherothrombosis, glycemia, and diabetes, acute coronary syndromes and heart failure». 


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