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Details of the event:

Digestive Health: How to preserve-how to restore Focus on upper GastroIntestinal-Tract & Pancreas - Advances in understanding, prevention and management

Digestive diseases present with great and heterogeneous complexity and carry the highest
global burden of disease that ranges from impairment of quality of life, morbidity and
The focus of this symposium is on the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract and the Pancreas with
particular emphasis on prevention and cure of malignancies.
World reknown specialists will trace the route from early steps of disease events to their
clinical manifestation. New important insights from epidemiological explorations have
identified the risk factors to be addressed in preventing disease, new molecular pathways
have paved the way for early diagnosis and the development of targeted therapies. The
implementation of this progress has already taken place and should be further encouraged
and disseminated in clinical strategies of prevention and treatment of malignant
digestive diseases. Global perspectives and sharing of knowledge on basic mechanisms
of esophageal, gastric and pancreatic disease will stimulate and help progressing in this
field with the intention of the meeting for preventing and restoring health.
This scientific event should ultimately benefit individuals and the society.
The unique opportunity to held this symposium is thanks to the generous support of
Menarini Foundation.

Prof. Peter Malfertheiner
President of the Meeting


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