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Hematologic Diseases in Elderly

"Management of hematologic malignancies in the older-aged person is an increasingly common problem. The issues of geriatric hematology are complicated and complex, and require a highly individualized approach taking into account changes in physical, cognitive, emotional, social and economic domains. In this meeting we will highlight emerging issues in geriatric hematology and present a research agenda for hematologic diseases in the older person. We believe that care delivery to the older-aged person with hematologic disorders is an area of major importance and that this issue should be addressed directly in the community where the elderly patient receives care. For this purpose, practitioners of hematology and of geriatrics should have the information required to optimally provide such care as well as to participate in community-based clinical trials. This conference will provide such information."

Lodovico Balducci
Pier Luigi Zinzani

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