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Details of the event:

II International Symposium Menarini Foundation - EULAP - Pain management: unmet needs in acute pain

Acute pain under control, leading Italian physicians in an international confrontation

Seven years after the Italian Parliament approved Law no. 38/2010 that facilitates the prescription of analgesic painkiller drugs, Italian, European and international physicians will be meeting in Barcelona from 14 to 16 September 2017 on occasion of the symposium “Pain management: unmet needs in acute pain”, organised with the scientific coordination of the European League Against Pain and promoted by the Fondazione Internazionale Menarini.

“The topics addressed will include many of the scientific aspects underlying Pain Medicine” explains Giustino Varrassi, President of the European League against Pain and co-chairman of the symposium. “Amongst them, pain in casualty, acute pain in cancer patients, acute visceral pain, the mechanisms and consequences of inflammatory pain, the prevention and treatment of post-op pain, and new analgesic drugs.” A session will be dedicated precisely to the pain relief therapies that can now also be prescribed by general practitioners. “Correct pain management must look at the patient as a whole in order to reach a correct diagnosis and establish the right treatment. This also entails the use of opioids, especially in combination with non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs”, adds Carmelo Scarpignato, lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Parma and co-chairman of the symposium. 


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