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PEDIATRIC AIRWAY SURGERY: Old Problems New Solutions - 1


Live International Symposium online on:
5 March, 12 March, 19 March 2021

Pediatric airway surgery is a relatively young discipline that has seen a dramatic worldwide increase in interest in recent years. In the last 10 years, Operative Units dedicated to Airway Surgery on their own or in combination with the Digestive Tract Surgery have increased in many parts of the globe. The main international conferences have expanded gradually the space dedicated to airways pathologies, congenital and acquired, in adults and in particular in pediatric age. Dedicated societies and worldwide networks have been created which with their itinerant meetings and conferences have favored the exchange of information and the diusion of techniques and innovations all over the world. In parallel, the interest of the industries engaged in producing dedicated instruments and applying new technologies has grown, completely converting their production line and adapting it to the needs of this particular surgical sector. Despite the eort of those working in this specific area, to spread innovations and to create situations of encounter and comparison between the world's leading exponents, the sector still complains of a shortage in the education and training of specialists in this discipline. To date, there are no international fellowship programs dedicated to airway surgery or theoretical-practical masters or intensive courses that specifically teach the bases for the diagnosis and treatment of airway pathology, particularly in the pediatric field. Even on the occasion of the various international conferences, the shortness of time for relations unfortunately limits the time to teaching, reducing it too often to a report on personal cases. This digital international symposium on airway surgery was conceived with a view to promoting the spread of culture in the field of airway surgery in children and to create the basis for a distance education system with a practical character.

Scientific Director: Sergio Bottero

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